Mens Hearing Aids

Your Hearing Deserves Professional, Personal Medical Care

At The Center For Better Hearing, you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best in professional, compassionate hearing care. Our highly trained, expert staff of 3 doctors of audiology and 3 board certified ENT physicians are experts in identifying, diagnosing, treating, and monitoring hearing disorders of all types. With three offices in Lexington, Frankfort and Georgetown, we provide high quality care close to home!


Your hearing is a health care issue. Regardless, the purchase of hearing aids online or at highly advertised hearing aid stores has recently gained in popularity. And, every day, we see patients who come to us after having purchased a hearing aid elsewhere and are now experiencing serious problems as a result of improper fitting, programming and/or counseling.


Among the risks of omitting an evaluation and treatment by a qualified audiologist is the potential for the missed diagnosis of a serious underlying health condition, which is untreated can result in permanent hearing loss or worse. There are lots of potential causes for hearing loss, and many cannot be treated with a hearing aid. Instead, several require immediate medical attention.


An improperly fitted or improperly programmed hearing aid can also rapidly worsen hearing loss. The fitting of hearing aids is an art, guided by science and delivered by our expert audiologists.


Your hearing is integral to your personal well-being and quality of life. Put it in the hands of qualified, health care professionals – who care about YOU. We are here to help!


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