Hearing Aid Services

Hearing Care Is Health Care

Hearing loss is a health care problem and should be treated by qualified hearing care professionals. Click here to learn more about whether you or a loved one may have hearing loss.


At The Center For Better Hearing, our team of 3 doctors of audiology and 3 ENT physicians diagnose, manage, and treat hearing disorders of all types, including tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and balance problems. If you suspect hearing loss or any hearing disorder, we offer comprehensive hearing care.


Hearing & Balance Testing

We conduct audiologic examinations to identify the source and severity of hearing and balance problems in order to determine the best course of treatment for the best possible outcomes.


Hearing Aid Evaluation, Selection, Fitting & Education

In the event that you suffer from hearing loss that is appropriately treated with a hearing aid, we are a licensed hearing aid provider. We provide comprehensive hearing aid fitting, re-programming and education services.  Click here to learn more about our hearing aids and hearing aid related services.


Hearing Aid Re-Programming

Frequently, patients come to us with hearing aids that they have purchased elsewhere that are not properly programmed to meet the patient’s specific hearing loss demands. At The Center For Better Hearing, we can typically re-program these hearing aids to actually work for our patients.


Custom Ear Protection

The best way to address hearing loss is to prevent it in the first place! For this reason, we provide specially fitted earplugs and other hearing protection devices to help prevent damage. For instance, we routinely custom fit earplugs for swimmers, hunters, musicians, industrial workers, and machine operators.


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