Widex Hearing Aids

Widex Hearing Aids

More sound. More words. More personal.

Dream 220, 330, 440

Widex DREAM allows more sound in than other hearing aids, so you can hear more details of the world around you – and in a way that’s as true-to-life as technology allows. This applies even in noisy environments such as parties, sporting events, or at the movie theatre. With DREAM, high-pitched sounds like bird songs or certain speech sounds, are automatically moved down to regions where you can hear them more clearly.


Unique technology preserves the human voice allowing you to also hear more words. You can actively enjoy conversations, even in the noise of a crowded restaurant or concert venue.


DREAM can help manage tinnitus and can be easily combined with our DEX assistive listening devices. So, you can enjoy watching echo-free television, listening to music or using your mobile phone – all wirelessly. You can also easily connect to FM streaming or landline telephones with crystal clear sound streaming directly to your hearing aids.


DREAM is available in four (4) behind-the-ear models and several In-the-ear models – including the nearly invisible CIC.


DREAM also provides you with a personalized website to help you get the most from your hearing aids. It contains information unique to your specific hearing devices and hearing loss.